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The language most want to speak fluent in the UK is Spanish

After a well dedicated survey done by TravelSupermarket.com the language most want to speak fluently is Spanish (24 per cent). It was followed by the French and the Italian language I have read this morning in a short article in the Daily Express. This article wrote by Nathan Rao (Consumer Affairs editor) it was actually quite interesting and revealed some of the most frequently used mimes when we are abroad. Example: pretending to write in your hand to indicate you want the bill. That article Read More +

Consejos para aprender un idioma

Algunos consejos en español para que sus hijos aprendan otros idiomas: En el caso de los niños bilingües se dará la situación en la que su hijo o hija estará expuesto a más de un idioma. Por ejemplo puede que su hijo en el colegio hablé y reciba las clases en inglés, pero en su casa el niño habla español ya que sus padres son españoles. (o viceversa) Se puede dar también otros casos en el que el niño está en contacto con más de Read More +

Manchester United stars teach students to mind their languages

You can read an interesting article wrote by Chris Morris published in the Sale and Altrincham advertiser Newspaper on the 13th of March. If you are a Manchester supporter you probably know that the Goalkeeper David de Gea and the striker Javier Hernandez are Spanish speakers. David is from Madrid and Javier is from Mexico. They went to Broadoak secondary school to chat students in Spanish. Apparently the children in the school manage to interview the Spanish footballers pretty well. That event it was actually Read More +

Our aims when we teach Spanish

Here is a list of some of our aims when we teach Spanish to children in our lessons: To increase children´s understanding of the way Spanish works. We try to encourage positive attitudes to the learning of Spanish. To transmit a sympathetic approach to the Spanish culture and to some other cultures. To develop children´s ability to speak, to listen, to write and to read with confidence. To promote the social development of the child by playing and working co-operatively. To experience success and gain Read More +