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Our aims when we teach Spanish

Here is a list of some of our aims when we teach Spanish to children in our lessons: To increase children´s understanding of the way Spanish works. We try to encourage positive attitudes to the learning of Spanish. To transmit a sympathetic approach to the Spanish culture and to some other cultures. To develop children´s ability to speak, to listen, to write and to read with confidence. To promote the social development of the child by playing and working co-operatively. To experience success and gain Read More +

Free Spanish Christmas Lesson

How to provide a Spanish lesson in your class to celebrate Christmas. December is the month for celebrating Christmas.  This is a fantastic opportunity to introduce to your class some of the Spanish traditions like “Reyes Magos” The three kings. If you are a teacher we have prepared a lesson for you and we hope you take some ideas and use it in your class. You can compare traditions and you can also explain how Spanish people celebrate Christmas. Of course if you are the mum Read More +