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A Spanish Song

Una canción española / A Spanish song In this blog we are going to show how to deliver a Spanish Lessons in Manchester for Key stage 2. Starter: Usual greetings to the children. ¿Qué tal? (How are you?), buenos dias (good morning) or buenas tardes (good afternoon). Main activities: Sing Tengo, tengo tengo ( have, I have, I have) and point to a flashcard as each noun is sung. Ask the children if they understand some of the words. Introduce the new words, eg una Read More +

Primary School Resources

Primary school Resources such as Music resources provide a good range of audio Spanish song. Our Primary School Resources from our website are providing and helping primary school teachers to decide on their school assembly something different. Already some school provides some activities where Key Stage 1 children dances in the morning with foreign music (Spanish, French, German or English). Children enjoy this activity before they start the curricular lessons. Our CDs presents recordings and booklets include full backing tracks and the schools can enjoy Read More +