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En la Granja de mi tio – Learn some animals with this Spanish fun Song

You can watched this video and see your children enjoy this Spanish song.

En la granja de mi tío IA, IA, OO!!

The children can learn some new animals like VACA, GATO, PATO, CABRA and PERRO in this order (COW, CAT, DUCK, GOAT and DOG). Let them watched and enjoy with them.  Suitable for Nurseries and Key Stage 1.

Of course you can also practise some other animals with them:










Do you know those words?

A Spanish Song

Una canción española / A Spanish song

In this blog we are going to show how to deliver a Spanish Lessons in Manchester for Key stage 2.


  • Usual greetings to the children. ¿Qué tal? (How are you?), buenos dias (good morning) or buenas tardes (good afternoon).

Main activities:

  • Sing Tengo, tengo tengo ( have, I have, I have) and point to a flashcard as each noun is sung. Ask the children if they understand some of the words.
  • Introduce the new words, eg una oveja (a sheep), una cabaña (a hut), la leche (the milk), la lana (the wool), la mantequilla (the butter), la semana (the week).
  • Repeat, with children saying the words after you.
  • Have a look the sound (cabaña). Compare this with señor/señora and años and then add cabaña to the class word bank.
  • Have a look the ll sound in mantequilla and j in oveja.
  • Make a list of those 3 phonemes. Ask if they can complete a small list.

Final Activities:

  • Sing the song once again. Can they now complete the missing words from the song.

In this lesson children should learn:

  • To listen and respond to simple rhymes, stories and Spanish songs.

  • To recognise and respond to sound patterns and Spanish words.

  • To make direct or indirect contact with the country where the Spanish language is spoken.

  • To use gesture or mime to show they understand the Spanish sentences.

The main objectives of this lesson are:

  • Identify specific Spanish words.
  • Identify Spanish sounds that are the same as or different from English.
  • Know a well-known Spanish song.

Did you find in our school supplies what you was looking for? (Spanish info)


Primary School Resources

Primary school Resources such as Music resources provide a good range of audio Spanish song.

Our Primary School Resources from our website are providing and helping primary school teachers to decide on their school assembly something different.

Already some school provides some activities where Key Stage 1 children dances in the morning with foreign music (Spanish, French, German or English). Children enjoy this activity before they start the curricular lessons.

Our CDs presents recordings and booklets include full backing tracks and the schools can enjoy and listen some traditional Spanish songs.

Inside the CD you can find the booklets that include the words form all the songs for those MFL and musically-able teachers wishing to provide an accompaniment.

Purchasing schools may also be given free access to additional online resources which they can use it with some limited period.

In some of the games that we have you can find some other  traditional Spanish songs.

This music CD was developed a lot of years ago with the support of dedicated music education resource companies that care about the quality of their school music given to Spanish children.

It is really difficult to find an education resource company that gives a fast and efficient service.

Our competitive prices, showing its dedication to a high level of customer service. Also, one with a rising choice of school play and school musical materials, we are highlighting on primary school resources, Modern foreign languages (MFL), a new range stimulating of primary lesson plans can also be found in our web site.

Some other primary school resources can be found if you look at our variety of products at:

We hope we helped with the Primary School Resources Once again thanks for all your comments we have received regarding our Primary School resources.