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Free Spanish Body Parts – Face-

We have attached another great picture from a 10 years old boy. Have a look how we spell those words in Spanish and soon come back here to listen the track and let me see if you can match the Spanish numbers with the correct body part – from the face! Now try to listen the The face body parts track and try to match the correct numbers with the correct body parts. Look at the picture! The face body parts You can also have a Read More +

Some vocabulary you could use for some Christmas activity

The idea really is that the children in your class ask you for the presents that are interested. So for instance imagine Ruby would like some new shoes for his mum. Then you can write it down on the board “Zapatos Nuevos” Like that the children are more likely to remember some words. Keep some sort of order and make two columns (One in English and the other in Spanish) so even that you will probably get ask twice the word is on  the board. Read More +

Spanish Prepositions – Sobre and Tras

We are now going to finish with the last two Spanish Prepositions and some examples in order to clarify this topic. “Sobre” sobre= over, about, on top of, above, approximately   – To show position of something keeping contact physically (“on top of”, “on”): Ej: El libro está sobre la mesa (The book is on the table)      Pon los pies sobre el suelo (Put the feet on the floor)   – To show position with no physical contact (“above”, “over”): Ej: Hay pájaros volando sobre Read More +

Article in Spanish

What is an article in Spanish? With dates: The definite article goes in expressions that refer to dates for example the days of the week: El examen es el miércoles (The exam is on Wednesday) Mi cumpleaños es el 11 de Julio (My birthday is on 11thJuly) Note: There are expressions used for dates that do not use the article. For example: Hoy es 18 de abril (Today is 18th April) With times: We always use the article to express something referred in a period Read More +