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Spanish Prepositions – Sobre and Tras

We are now going to finish with the last two Spanish Prepositions and some examples in order to clarify this topic. “Sobre” sobre= over, about, on top of, above, approximately   – To show position of something keeping contact physically (“on top of”, “on”): Ej: El libro está sobre la mesa (The book is on the table)      Pon los pies sobre el suelo (Put the feet on the floor)   – To show position with no physical contact (“above”, “over”): Ej: Hay pájaros volando sobre Read More +

Spanish Prepositions and Prepositional phrases

Jetpack We are now going to show some of the last Spanish Prepositions and the prepositional phrases. “Según” sergún: according to, according with Ej: Según los estudios el alcohol es malo para la salud (Acording to studies, alcohol is bad for your health) Según la situación, España es un pais cálido (Depending on the location,Spainis a warm country) “Sin” sin: without (This is one of the easiest prepositions to translate, you can translate it for without almost always) Ej: No me gusta dormir sin pijama Read More +

Spanish Prepositions like contra

We are now going to show some other Spanish Prepositions and some examples in order to clarify this topic. “Contra” contra= against (we can translate “contra” for against almost always. But we can find this preposition accompanying verbs where against is not used. For instance: attacking, hitting, throwing, etc). – To express against in a physical and figurative sense: Ej: Javier estaba apoyado contra la pared (Javier was leaning against the wall) Estoy contra el maltrato de animales (I am against the animal abuse) Lanzó Read More +