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Free Spanish Body Parts

Thanks to Darcy we have attached some Spanish body parts so you can practice as much as you want.

Have a look how we spell those words in Spanish and soon come back here to listen the track and let me see if you can match the Spanish numbers with the correct body part!

Listen as many times as you want Body parts track below and try to match the body parts with the correct numbers. look at the picture!

Body parts track


Spanish Body Parts

Spanish Body Parts


If you want to practice a bit more you can listen again the Body parts and try to follow the picture above. You will hear the body parts starting from left to right.

Body parts

You can also have a look to this other great pictures and you can check the face body parts in Spanish.

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Spanish Halloween song

How to give a Spanish lesson on Halloween.

October is the month for celebrating Halloween. This year the 31st October falls on Thursday and depends the area where you live the schools are open.

This is great if you have got class that day so you could have a special Halloween Spanish lesson.

However do not hesitate in do some of these activities during the rest of the week. This will break the routine and makes the vocabulary they learn relevant, which helps them to remember it more easily. You can teach some new Spanish words like calabaza, escoba, sombrero, araña, bruja, etc and some others.

Prepare your activities as much as you can. You can prepare puzzles for them to make or some cross words with the new Spanish words. I have just attached a very easy Spanish activity that you can print and use at any time during your Spanish lesson.

Take with you some Spanish flash cards with the relevant vocabulary. You can make it as easy or difficult you want depending the age and abilities of your groups.

If you have got little ones I am going to post here a song you can practise with them. They love it and the perfectly know it in English. La araña pequeñita The eensyweensy spider.

La araña pequeñita

Subió, subió, subió.

Vino la lluvia

Y se la llevó.

Salió el sol

Y todo lo secó,

Y la araña pequeñita

Subió, subió, subió.

Finally you could also decide to celebrate Bonfire night with fireworks oriented activities. You can explain that in Spain we have got a similar celebration called San Juán on the 24th of June. However for the little ones don´t waste much time here and do a funny game like the one I am now going to explain to you. You could hold different coloured straws, strings or even pencils.

Choose a colour and write its name on a piece of paper. Put it in your pocket. Each child in turn will push down one of the straws, strings or pencils while naming its colour. When one of the children has pushed down the chosen colour, you open your hand wide open while shouting P a t a p o o m and dropping all the remaining colours.

Important! Try to don´t lose the control in your class as you know children are getting over excited very quickly. Check that it was the right answer on the piece of paper. The child who guessed the right colour can take your place and you can play several times. Good game to revise the colours with the little ones.

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Spanish Lessons in Altrincham

School-e Ltd offers New Spanish lessons in Altrincham for adults aimed at developing the students’ ability to understand, speak, read and write in Spanish.

Check School-e Ltd for more information about those Spanish lessons for adults in Altrincham We have got realible and qualified teachers to a degree level in different specialities. Great atmosphere in the classes.

Our friendly teachers will make you speak Spanish from lesson 1 and our classes are reduced to a maximum group of students.


Spanish Lesson – Key stage 1

If you are a new Spanish teacher or perhaps you are a Spanish teacher with new children in your class or you are just a curricular MFL (modern foreign language) teacher you can try these ideas in your first lesson at the beginning of the term.

Greet all the children as they arrive, encouraging them to repeat the greeting to you.

My usual greetings to the little ones are:

“¡Hola! ¿Qué tal?” they must reply “Muy bien”


However if you have got a big group or in curricular time don´t waste all your time doing this. You will have children sleeping in your desk or on the floor.

You can use your puppet. Mine is call “PERRITO” is quite friendly and children like to use it and you can choose a brave boy or girl. Let them greet each other for a few minutes.

Depends of your group you can do a bit more:

My groups they don´t repeat the same questions all the time. I like to challenge my children, even new children, anybody can play with “PERRITO” little doggy means in Spanish.

Some other questions they can practice and you can adapt in your group:

  • ¿Cómo te llamas? Me llamo ….
  • ¿Cuántos años tines? Tengo …
  • ¿Dónde vives?  vivo en …
  • ¿Te gusta el/la …? Sí, me gusta.

In your first lessons you can check the numbers, you can play a colour game if you got some space in your class.

Children love to count and you can play several games with soft balls passing the ball and counting.

You can play a song about the numbers or you can play a song about the colours.

You can read and story in Spanish to the children, prepare well the story if you want to link that one already with your term topic.

Remember children they should hear in your class as much Spanish as they can and they should be able to practice as much as they can. It is difficult and you must balance really well the class in order to achieve this. Ideally for some people will be all the class in Spanish, some other people the thing at early stage it is really hard. Personally I do all my best so they children understand what is going on in the class and try to use the Spanish as much as I can and make them use it as well.

Those are some of our tips for your first lessons and we hope it helps you to break the ice with the children your first week.

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