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Spanish Lessons and Spanish Tuition for children

Amazon.co.uk Widgets Amazon.co.uk Widgets School-e Ltd offers Spanish Lessons for children and we have been teaching Spanish in after school clubs and as part of the curriculum in Manchester schools for the past eleven years. Overall we have over 20 years experience with children. Our Spanish lessons in the schools enable children to understand and speak useful everyday Spanish, so that they can do things like greeting friends and saying how old they are. Research has shown that learning another language is not only useful Read More +

You can learn a second language and fight off Alzheimers´s

I was recently quite impressed with the article from the Daily Express on Saturday the 19th of February of 2011 about the possibility to learn a second language and fight off Alzheimers´s. It has been claimed by experts that speaking two language-s wards off Alzheimer´s and at the same time keeps the brain young. What do you think about this? People that speak several language-s push their brain to the peak which make it stronger. I will not go into detail as you can read Read More +