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Educational problems in South Africa in some Primary schools

No hope for teachers in a Primary School. Great headline to read in a newspaper of a developing country. Another more amazing fact from this article, which says that repeated studies show that the majority of primary school teachers are not even able to do fractions. There are not fractions found in calculus, normal everyday fractions. I think South Africa is a country that is going forward even when most of the world most well-off countries seem as though they are starting to bite the Read More +

The Times Educational Supplement

Schools News Friday 2nd of April 2, 2010 Tes Ofsted slates lack of professional training in non-core subjects Narrow focus does little to improve teachers’ expertise and schools are failing to recognise ‘value for money’ of CPD courses, watchdog says By William Stewart. Teachers ARE still not getting the training they need in individual subjects outside English and maths, Ofsted has found. The watchdog’s report on contin­uing professional development (CPD) in schools also warns that schools do not pay enough attention to assessing the value Read More +