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Colouring – Games – Come and Play with Pipo

You can now read  the learning objectives and how to play this colour game. Learning objectives: recognize the colours (by sight and sound) promoting the artistic capacity of the child while stimulate his imagination and creativity. How to play? : You have to colour the scene. The child must click on the colour he want to use and then click on the area or object he decided to colour. The player can change the colour as many times as he wish. Afterwards you can print Read More +

General Games – Come and Play with Pipo

From all the scenes you will be able to access and play a series of general games which appear on the lower part of your screen. The vocabulary which will be practice in each one will depend on the scene where the child is playing. In this section there are five games: Colouring: the children will be able to practice the colours and at the same time get used to use the mouse. The boat: the children will be able to count up to 10 Read More +

The scenes – Come and Play with Pipo

The scenes are really good. There are nine scenarios to choose. There is no order; they can choose any scene they feel like. In each one the kid can explore and click on the objects, always related with the place they are playing. Pipo will teach them how to write and pronounce these words. Children will feel the need to repeat Pipo and this is a really good way to improve their diction. The nine scenes are: The bathroom The living room The kitchen The Read More +

Pipo’s house – Come to play with Pipo

This is Pipo’s house and from here you will be able to visit all the scenarios. All the places are linked with the daily live of the child making easier the learning. Thanks to the fun presentation children will learn and increase their vocabulary without realising it. So the child now can go to any section that he or she likes and start playing and learning some new vocabulary. If your son or daughter does Spanish lessons in the school. This tool will be really Read More +

To start the game – Come and Play with Pipo

On the first screen, Pipo will ask you to write your name or to choose your name from the list (if you have already played the game before), so that your scores can be kept. If is the first time you played, Pipo will ask you to write it twice. This avoids children entering text by mistake. Please make sure you do that properly at least for the first time otherwise you can´t play. So imagine your girl is call “Eve”. By default you can Read More +