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Logic Games

Logic Games is a group of three different activities which try to stimulate the deductive reasoning. This section is one of the most important parts of mathematical thought. In these games working on it at early age is really positive for the child. It provides children of a better viewing of the world and let them understand better their planet. In the next blog will see in detail how to play these logic games. Basically you will be able to play to three different games Read More +

The Money game maths

Description: This is an incredibly useful maths game for children. With this maths game they will learn and practice how to use the money correctly giving the exact coins the need to buy anything. The children can practise this kind of activity really useful in real life. In the game, the will have to buy putting the exact coins into the machine. Learning Objectives Learn to use money to buy something. Practice maths with additions in a normal situation. Practice maths calculating the exact price Read More +

The School Robot – maths game

Description: By joining the dots of the picture in order you will discover the hidden picture on board so the child can count like when is doing maths, so 1,2,3,4 and so on. The child will have fun trying to see what is hidden while learn numerical sequences in different levels of maths difficulty. The school robot is a great way to learn playing games and even the youngest of the family can play and have fun. Yes I know some of you might think Read More +

Illustrated Games

It is recommended that young kids start with the illustrated games, which are easier, and give a good chance to introduce them to the world of numbers. In this section, the games try to promote the mental activities related to abstract reasoning and stimulate the artistic capacities of the child. They will practice numerical games with sequences during all these games, visual memory and recognition of numbers and colours.               http://school-e.co.uk -information about math games- This great article to Read More +