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The Roller Coaster and Bees maths game

Description: The child enjoy maths when he plays this purely logic game. The child will have to work hard to finish the logic sequence of shapes on the train. The To do it, you must use the shapes you see in the sky and put them in to the wagons. At the most difficult level, even mum and dad can play. If you are not good at this don´t worry it doesn´t actually means that you are bad at maths. You may need to practice Read More +

The Crocodiles logic game to practise Maths

With this logic game your child will be able to practise maths and to stimulates his or her mental ability. Description: In this game, the child will have to calculate the number of jumps that Pipo has to make to reach the other side of a river full of hungry crocodiles. This game stimulates mental agility and logic reasoning in a funny way so they will be able to learn and enjoy at the same time. Learning Objectives Promote mental agility Stimulate logic and deductive Read More +

The Box of Sweets maths game

Description: In this maths game the child will have to apply the concept learnt in the scales before. They will have to learn how to tell a weight using a scale. They have to balance the scale to calculate and tell the weight of a box of sweets. This is also an interesting maths game because they can use mathematics with a useful purpose. Learning Objectives Learn to weight using a scale. Learn the maths concept of equivalence. Use interactively classic system of measure. Practice Read More +

The Weights of the Scales to learn maths

Description: In this maths game the child will play and learn to balance weights of the scales. With this, the child will understand the maths concept of equivalence working with weights. It is also interesting because they can see how works the firsts and archaic measuring systems which is important from the point of view of History. Now a days is not easy to see this instruments and it let the child realize how it was in past. Learning Objectives Learn to weight using a Read More +

The Fish maths game

In this maths game the child will have to learn how to measure the fish with a ruler and then give an answer of how long is each fish putting it in the cave where it belongs. With The Fish maths game the child will learn the procedure of measuring with a ruler, working on the concept of size. Plus, to give the result in the high levels they will have to solve an addition or subtraction. Learning Objectives Learn to measure using a ruler. Read More +