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Some vocabulary you could use for some Christmas activity

The idea really is that the children in your class ask you for the presents that are interested. So for instance imagine Ruby would like some new shoes for his mum. Then you can write it down on the board “Zapatos Nuevos” Like that the children are more likely to remember some words.

Keep some sort of order and make two columns (One in English and the other in Spanish) so even that you will probably get ask twice the word is on  the board.

Please remember this activity is in connection with a Father Christmas letter that you can download or view by following the link.

Here are some of the words some children asked:

Un perro                      A dog

Un gato                         A cat

Un coche                      A car

Una bicicleta              A bike

Un patinete                 A scooter

Some chocolates      Unos chocolates

Some books                Unos libros

A ring                            Un anillo

A tablet                         Una tableta

Some earring             Unos pendientes

A mobile                      Un móvil

A doll                            Una muñeca

Here are some samples however if you are a Spanish teacher this activity will be a really good test for you.

Nowadays you can find great useful tools in the internet or in your apps that can help you.

Did you find in our Spanish Lesson what you was looking for? (Spanish info)

More about Spanish Lessons online

Some of your questions we had received about Spanish Lessons Online

Andrew asks

Does any one know were to get free Spanish lessons online?

I am looking to learn a little Spanish online but I am not sure were to go can someone help please

administrator answers:

First why don´t you try our Spanish lessons online first you could sent us an e-mail and we can arrange it for you using SKYPE. However if you don´t like to use Skype you could try Spanish lessons online
I haven’t used it myself since I grew up learning Spanish, but my father in law seems to have found it quite useful. I know there is a subscription fee, but I believe they do still have free podcasts that you can download for no charge. The subscription just gives you access to several more.

I’m thinking about trying out one of the other languages they have, though.

Maria asks

Anyone know any free Spanish lessons online?I want to speak Spanish fluently. I want FULL Spanish lessons online FREE!!! I want audio lessons.

administrator answers:

Here you go.

Spanish resources 1
Spanish resources 2
Spanish resources 3

Michael asks

Where can I get free online Spanish lessons?

I’m Canadian and I’d really like to know Spanish.Tell me what website you went on to learn Spanish.Thank you so much!

administrator answers:

Hola Michael, (Hi Michael)

Aquí hay varias páginas buenas: (Here you can find some useful links)

Spanish tuition 1
Spanish tuition 2
Spanish tuition 3
Spanish tuition 4
Spanish tuition 5
Spanish tuition 6

Maria asks

Is there a website where I can take online Spanish Lessons?

There is someone in my class who can’t speak English.I want to talk to her,but I can’t speak Spanish Could you help me?
Please give me a website.She is all alone and I want her to feel welcome in America.I’m just that type of person,so please help me

administrator answers:

You could try to teach her English and she could teach you Spanish. What do you think about this?

Joseph asks

Spanish lessons online?

Where can l learn Spanish online?

Donna asks

Where can I take online Spanish lessons?

I want a site that can take me from the beginning to, well teach me a lot. I just started taking a Spanish course but I’m terrible at it and I want to get better at it (yeah I know it’s hard to learn a new language and it takes time so don’t bother telling me that ’cause I already know).

administrator answers:

Spanish lessons

Mark asks

How can I get Spanish-English lessons free online?

I want to learn to speak Spanish fluently, and it is easier for me to read and translate words and phrases by visual rather then audible meens!

administrator answers:

Hola, Try this link, it offers free Online Spanish lessons

However remember it is better to pay for some lessons if you really are serious about it!!

enjoy it.

Sandra asks

Do any of you know where to take Free Spanish lessons or Free practice lessons online?

administrator answers:

Some libraries have pre-payed accounts on websites such as the Rosetta Stone (language education) website. Ask your local library.

Nancy asks

Online free Spanish lessons WITHOUT sign-up?

I’m home schooled and I’m really keen on learning some foreign languages for fun, and since I am pretty fluent in school French I decided to learn Spanish or Italian. I’m not American and so no-one I know can teach me Spanish and it’s not offered anywhere. So I just want to learn basic/conversational Spanish online.

But all the sites I’ve gone to either require payment or they’re actual “lessons” which I’ll have to make time for, and which I can’t really use. So does anyone know a site that simply has free, online, in-browser, basic lessons in Spanish? (Or any other foreign language really-Italian, German, Japanese, Korean, Tamil…)

Help please?

administrator answers:

I think first you should decide which language you want to learn. I have already listed some other sites in this post. Have a read the post please.

You could also try this one, they are plenty activities up to Year 9 however I am not quite sure in that site if they offer free Spanish lessons online.

Good luck!

You could also consider our Spanish lessons online

Did you find in our Spanish lessons what you was looking for? (Spanish info)

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