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Some vocabulary you could use for some Christmas activity

The idea really is that the children in your class ask you for the presents that are interested. So for instance imagine Ruby would like some new shoes for his mum. Then you can write it down on the board “Zapatos Nuevos” Like that the children are more likely to remember some words. Keep some sort of order and make two columns (One in English and the other in Spanish) so even that you will probably get ask twice the word is on  the board. Read More +

More about Spanish Lessons online

Some of your questions we had received about Spanish Lessons Online Andrew asks Does any one know were to get free Spanish lessons online? I am looking to learn a little Spanish online but I am not sure were to go can someone help please administrator answers: First why don´t you try our Spanish lessons online first you could sent us an e-mail and we can arrange it for you using SKYPE. However if you don´t like to use Skype you could try Spanish lessons Read More +