Scores game

In this section everyone can see the progress and scores in each game.

In this screen, the statistics of every game is shown separately and the child, parents or teacher can see the progress in each skill and print it as well.

The scores are important because they may keep the children motivated and interested giving them the chance to improve and challenge themselves.

The game is one of the most important thing for the child.

If the game is not good the child will leave and go to the next one. It is really as simple as that!

A game is really important. Sometimes and attractive game for you can be boring for your child. I am really surprise sometimes with some games. The fact is that the perspective view of your child is not your perspective.



Scores maths games

maths Maths scores

The screen above shows you and update of the score you will find a summary on your left hand side and on the right a short explanation of how to play.

There are some symbols to help you to understand a bit better the game. You can also print the scores if you wish.

The children love to see how many energy cells they have got and you will also see a tick when a game is completed.

Once again I am going to mention that you can check your child/children progress by pressing the key F9. This could be different at the time you are reading this post. If you are not sure check with the help button.


Math Lessons

This game is great to learn Maths and have fun. (Maths info)
-the value to score in a game-