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This is a good report from an old Spanish student:   Mark has made very good progress in Spanish. He remembers new sentences easily. He is really good at listening and giving answers out loud correctly. He did a great recorded audio with his peer and he clearly exceeds expectations. His pronunciation is really good. He just needs to keep an eye on the “j” sound sometimes like “jugar” ¡Excelente, Mark!   This is a normal report from another student: Alex is quietly making progress Read More +

En la Granja de mi tio – Learn some animals with this Spanish fun Song

You can watched this video and see your children enjoy this Spanish song. En la granja de mi tío IA, IA, OO!! The children can learn some new animals like VACA, GATO, PATO, CABRA and PERRO in this order (COW, CAT, DUCK, GOAT and DOG). Let them watched and enjoy with them.  Suitable for Nurseries and Key Stage 1. Of course you can also practise some other animals with them:   Oveja Conejo Ratón Cisne Ciervo Cerdo Pavo Gallina Do you know those words?

Some advice about learning Spanish as second language

When my children should start learning a second language? As soon as possible! Do you know that you could teach your baby? Explore this. How long did it take to you to learn your mother tongue language? Why some people keep insisting that my son or daughter are too young to learn a language! Another excuse they should learn one language properly first… Progress will be slow during the first few years… (and exponential later on is not mentioned) At the end of the day Read More +

Family and Food practise for Spanish GCSE students

You can listen this free track as many times as you like altought think in your exam you will not be able to do this. However this will be a good practise for you.  Try to see if you can catch all the members of the family, their names and what kind of things do/don´t like to eat. la familia y su comida This below can help you.  There are seven members in this familiy and those are the clues. 1. He loves to fish Read More +