This is a good report from an old Spanish student:   Mark has made very good progress in Spanish. He remembers new sentences easily. He is really good at listening and giving answers out loud correctly. He did a great recorded audio with his peer and he clearly exceeds expectations. His pronunciation is really good. He just needs to keep an eye on the “j” sound sometimes like “jugar” ¡Excelente, Mark!   This is a normal report from another student: Alex is quietly making progress Read More +

Learn music with Pipo

A programme designed to introduce children to the world of music in a very entertaining way. We include many different games and music exercises with all kinds of didactic objectives as well as different levels. Our software will cover the following subjects: composition, instruments, hearing memory, musical notes, melodies, staff and tones. Some of the games included in the rock band are:Reproducing sonorous sequences, learning melodies, place in order according to the sound, locating the notes in the staff, name and location of the notes Read More +

Play with Pipo in the City

Play with PIPO in the City, creative with the objectives related to teaching the skill of reading. It´s an amazing game to explore the city and at the same time you learn and practise your spelling, your writing, your maths capability, your visual memory spatial awareness. IT and reading skills are also practised whilst playing. From the initial overview of the city, you have access to various scenes as well as new and exciting educational games. Visiting all around the city and exploring the street, Read More +

My first words in Spanish

My first words in Spanish with Pipo, is an amazing educative software that teaches our children great Spanish vocabulary in those foundation years. Understanding that during these early years, we are most receptive to learning and retaining a language. My first words in Spanish with Pipo will cover the following subjects: hundreds of words, colours, foods, animals, reading, pronunciation, comprehension, and material that can be printed. Our software also includes our first totally interactive and illustrated dictionary. This fun product is composed of 17 scenes where children can learn vocabulary Read More +

Come and Play with Pipo

New words are introduced to your children by Pipo, which helps extend their skills for reading. Navigation around the site is really intuitive, which develops the child’s independence and individual learning. Come and play with Pipo is an introduction for children into the everyday vocabulary of a child. Children can interact with the scene and familiarize themselves with the new vocabulary by clicking on all of the elements and colouring them in.     The child will visit 9 different places: The dining room, the Read More +