Monthly Archives: July 2017

Learn to read in Spanish with Pipo

Learning to read in Spanish with PIPO is an interactive way to develop reading skills – where children will learn to read in Spanish without realizing it through play. This software contains 18 games that practise different areas of learning: visual distinction, memory, shape recognition, association, vocabulary, etc. Aprende a leer con PIPO includes: A primary interactive book, vocabulary, alphabet, syllables, words, sentences, letters, etc. It can be organized for each student or for a whole class. The duration of each game will vary accordingly Read More +

My first words in English with Pipo

My first words in English with Pipo is amazing educational software that teaches the children lots of vocabulary in English, and Spanish too for that matter. This product was created for children from ages 3 to 8 and contains hundreds of words, colours, animals, foods, name of objects at home, reading, comprehension, pronunciation, along with material that can be printed. As a child visits each place he or she will learn new words related to that particular place. It contains 17 different places to go to visit Read More +